Stoke Seniors

Fun, food & fellowship for all independent seniors from Nelson, Stoke & Richmond


Volunteers are the back bone of the club they provide help in many ways. Members and volunteers come with different skills that we like to utilize.  Some of our key volunteer roles are stated below.

We have drivers who go and out and pick members up in the vans and bring them to the centre, the members then need to be returned home at the end of the day. Pick ups take about an hour, if you can spare a couple of hours a week to help with this we would really appreciate it.

Morning tea
Tuesday to Thursday we have a volunteer to cut and butter muffins/scones and give tea/coffee to members as they arrive at the centre

Once a month the newsletter needs to be folded and put into addressed envelopes and posted

Taking classes
If you have a skill or passion for an activity/group then come and talk to us and we will see what we can arrange

Some members are rung to see if they want to come to club. 
We also have volunteers who have a phoning list at home and ring approx 6-8 members about specific activities.

Special events
Some times we need volunteers for special dinners,fairs,and other specific activities

If you feel able to give us a few hours of your time please phone us on 547-2660.